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How to speed up your Filmora9 software | Make Your Filmora9 Software Faster In Windows

How to speed up your Filmora9 software
How to speed up your Filmora9 software

Speed up your Filmora9 software

Hello everyone Muhammad Asim is here from M Asim Tech YouTube channel and today in this article I going to tell you how you can make you wonder share Filmora9 fast.

What is Wondershare Filmora9?

Filmora9 is the best editing software you can you to edit your videos and vlogs easily I personally use this to a year.

There is a lot of software, but I choose Filmora9 because It is easy to use and fast working, so I suggested you to use it.

If You want to create next level videos using filmora software then I'm telling you the best and easy way to download this software for free.

How to download it?

If you are using a rare software that can make you a free, so please download one more time Filmora9 software.

You just go on Google and search for Wonder share Filmora9 you can see the official website of Filmora9 app.

May it can ask you about signing up, so you can do it and after that you can download it. This software is a premium, so you need to buy it first but if you want to use it frees of cost then go to YouTube so can see a lot of tutorials about to use it for free.


How to speed up your Filmora9 software

Activation of Filmora:

After downloading the above file you need to open your folder where this file will be downloaded.

As soon as you open the folder, you will find three files.
  1. Filmora install setup.
  2. Key
Open README File and copy this code platform.wondershare.com. Then you have to go to this location in your computer. 

This PC/Local Disk C/Windows/System32/drivers/etc

When you get to the etc folder, So you have to open the hosts file on Notepad. After open the hosts file, Find example word and place this code platform.wondershare.com 
down the Example word and save the hosts file again.

If you can't understand then watch this video practically to this all.

How to make it fast.

If you're a Filmora9 user then you must know that Filmora9 is the best editing software, but it can lag after some time, and you can't edit your video easily.

So if you also face this problem then you must need to read this article first. So you just follow my instructions and make your Filmora9 fast like new.

First open your PC and click on the icon of Filmora9 software and select the file location. And if you arrive in that location then you can see a lot of folders of Filmora9 software.

But you can check render folder. This folder carry a lot of space of your PC and make slow the performance of your PC.

After open the render file select shift and a button to select all the renders files and delete it. So after that back to your Filmora9 folder and search for recording folder there is a lot of recorded files in this folder.

So you can delete it if you don't need. After that you restart your PC and open the Filmora9 software again.

Ok so now import the file of any video which you want to edit. And you can see the option right side of the screen, so you can click on it and video quality make sure to select 1/2 because it also makes the Filmora9 performance slow.

But when you export your file you can select it full quality. So this may less lag of you Filmora9.

I hope this article is helpful for all.
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