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Termux Commands

Termux Commands

Hello everyone I hope you're all good. So today I'm talking about Termux commands interface like to manage it and how to make it coolest.

In Termux Commands you get a lot of tutorials and practical videos e.g. Facebook hacking, Instagram hacking, Wi-Fi hacking. Before you get to know about termux commands, it's important to know what is Termux. 

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Many people use termux like a pro they know all the tricks about termux, but some people don't have any idea about termux commands. How cool is termux app.


So today in this article I will show you the most interesting Termux Commands you can explore it with your friends and family and show yourself like a pro hacker.

A lot of interesting commands I knew. But in this article I'm telling about you only six termux commands that have mind-blowing interface.


So the first one is figlet . This command is used to change font in your termux terminal. If you're a termux user, then must read about How to Hack WhatsApp Account.

May you have seen some white and black words in your termux, they have not looking so cool, but this command make it awesome.


Ok so second termux commands is toilet. After using this command you need to install some packages like you can type pkg install toilet.

It may take some time to install but just a few seconds it will be downloaded. Now you need to type toilet -f mono12 -F gay "and now in commas you can enter your text"

If you add your name then termux will make a banner of your text. For example, you can see that when you clone any tool, every tool have their own interface.

So it's looking so cool, if you want to add your name in this tool, and it's not just a banner it's a color full banner that is looking to cool and attractive.


Ok so our third termux commands is Moscow this command is used to check the weather information of any country. If you are using an Android you don't need to install any weather app to check.

Just go on termux and check the weather detail like a pro termux user, you can get information about ten to twenty countries using this command. So type this command like this curl wttr.in/Moscow and hit the enter button.


Our four command is mapscii this termux commands is not my favorite, but it still exists in my cool command list, so I just tell you how much this command is interested.

This command show you the world map in termux. You can zoom the termux terminal to see more clear of every country. I know it's cool, but you can check the more two commands.


Ok so this command is my favorite. As you know everyone wants to become a hacker but how could be. So matrix is the termux commands you used to look like a pro hacker.

So if you want to install it type first "pkg install c matrix" this package is important to run the tool so first do it. After that you can type just c matrix and hit the enter button, so you can see the most powerful terminal in termux app.

Now I show you the most amazing command. This termux commands is used to create a template like if you enter some words or your massage and hit the enter button so termux can create an animal.


And animals say that the name who your write-in the termux. So I think this is also a good command to shock your friends and family like what's happening.

So if you want to install this command you need to download a package first, so you can type apt install cowsay. So  when you enter any name you get a template.

And in template a cow say that the word that you are written in the termux. So finally this is the list of the most amazing termux commands.

I don't say that this is the only termux commands, no never a lot of commands I have, but I can't cover it in this article so if you want to watch a video on this topic so make sure to subscribe me.

If you have already done then thanks a lot.

Here Is your All termux Commands used it step by step in your termux terminal.


($ apt install figlet

 $ figlet "Any Text" )

($ apt install toilet

 $ toilet "Any Text" 

 $ toilet -f mono12 -F gay "Any Text")

 $ curl wttr.in/moscow

 $ telnet mapscii.me

($ apt install cmatrix

 $ cmatrix )

($ apt install cowsay

 $ cowsay "Any Text")

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