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NEW Eagle System Title - Free Chance to get Mythic Title


how to get Eagle System Title

How to Get Eagle System Title

A small new update has arrived in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile announce a new title of Eagle system. This title will be the same as the Investigator title. But today I'm going to tell you, how to get eagle system title and what are the requirements to get this title.

What is Eagle System?

The eagle system is a kind of security system that monitors a match in real-time, and qualified investigators can use the system to review a live match.

This investigation is similar to normal reviews, all investigators will be randomly assigned to matches, and all characters name in the match will be hidden.

Investigators that want to join the eagle review system can apply on the current page in Security system. They must meet the requirements, and pass the review before they can review matches in real-time.

As the entire real-time review process is more complex than normal reviews, the review results will be displayed after double review.

Investigators can view their Eagle review records in security center>Investigator>Review Records. Investigation can also gain EXP to increase their Investigator level through Eagle reviews.

How to become an Eagle Investigator

  • You must have a Mythic Investigator title.
  • Submit Application.
  • Get official reviews.
  • You Successfully Joined

Requirements to get Eagle Investigator Title

If you want to apply for Eagle investigator title then, Go to security center and click on Investigators. Review all daily videos to gain your EXP and get all these title, Inspection title, Inspection Corporal, Uncommon Title, Rare Title, Epic Title, Legendary Title, and the most important Mythic Title. 

When you finally get the mythic title, you can apply for the Eagle title. So this is the basic requirement to get eagle system title in PUBG Mobile. If you're a PUBG Players then must read about Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan.

The Eagle system Investigator title is introduced to protect the  gaming incitement in real-time.

Get Eagle System Title in BGMI

Ban pan security 2.0 is not introduced any Security center option in BGMI. But this feature is also coming to BGMI very soon. This feature is currently only launched in PUBG, so it can be well tested. I will let you know on my website as soon as this feature comes for BGMI.

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